⊕ To serve as a solution focused partner providing an exceptional customer friendly experience.
⊕ To create a culture within our company that will create quality minded employees and then in turn top quality performance will be achieved.
⊕ To become a world class engineering and servicing company operating internationally.


⊕ We are passionate about delivering exceptional remodelling experience. What you hire us. You are hiring a team professional who are trained and skill to deliver testing value to your home.
⊕ From initial design processes to construction computation we consider are self humble guest in your home you such respect your personal privacy and space.
⊕ We apply to most innovative and cutting edge design in today’s home remodelling market you can rely out professional team to make recommendation that fit your list and style but always give you as a final words.
⊕ Bringing new ideas to the construction industry and to government leaders.

Guiding Principle
Novel Scope Bharat Electric Power Maintenance Pvt. Ltd value: ⊕ People, their health and safety, development, effectiveness and mutual respect. ⊕ Diversity of perspective and opinions. ⊕ The leadership and contributions of all our volunteers and staff. ⊕ Getting projects built safely, on time and cost effectively. ⊕ Our ability to continuously improve the construction environment. ⊕ Open sharing of ideas to create best practices based on sound research and our collective experience.
Quality Policy

Novel Scope Bharat Electric Power Maintenance Pvt. Ltd Management and Employees are committed to:
⊕  Provide high quality services to our valuable customers.
⊕ Achieve continual improvement in our processes through effective implementation of QMS.
⊕ Promoting teamwork in the Company and achieve customer’s satisfaction.

We want to serve you the best

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